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Space Hop - Sky High Jumping Ball

Space Hop - Sky High Jumping Ball

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Download Space Hop – Sky High Balljump game and play for FREE now! This is a revolutionary tapping game where you have to tap to make the bouncy ball hop up the rolling sky stairs. Failure to jump at the right time will make the fly ball crash and your game will be over. Don’t forget to collect scores by collecting the triangles. To get high score, you have to stay focused and tap accurately. Once Mr. Ball crashes, the game is over and you have to restart it. This hop ball is a new and addictive endless tapping game that you must try now!
Space Hop – Skyrunner Balljump is a very hard ball game that will challenge your gaming skill to the max. The bouncy ball rolls very fast and the rolling sky stairs move also as fast. You can’t slow down or direct the movement of the space bola. All you can do is to make it hop up at the right time. You have to give 100% focus to the game. It’s truly an epic sky ball game.
β€’ Play this epic hard ball game for FREE on any Android device.
β€’ Very modern, minimalist, and colorful game graphic.
β€’ Practice your hand eye coordination and to stay focus on task.
β€’ Very easy game control: tap on the screen to make the bouncy ball jump.
β€’ A very hard ball game to master because of the speed the bola rolls.
β€’ Collect as many triangles as possible to get higher scores.
β€’ A very fast ball game that will test your reaction time.
Do not be distracted when you play this fly ball game. You must give 100% concentration because of the speed of the bola and the rolling sky stairs. Don’t give up if your bola crashes a lot in the beginning because you just need to get used to this fast paced skyrunner game. If you want to show off your high score to your friends then the best thing to do is to practice and pay attention to the timing of the skyfall.
You will not have the time to think in this fast ball game. To go far in this fly ball game, you have to react fast. In time, you will be able to instinctively know the timing of the skyfall and when to best tap to make the mr. ball hop up. If you feel like you need to sharpen your reaction time and accuracy, our hop ball game will be perfect for you.
So, what are you waiting for? Download Space Hop – Skyrunner Balljump game for FREE now!
We hope you enjoying playing this hop ball game as much as we do when we create it! If you do enjoy this game, please let us know and support us by leaving a rating and review. If you encounter any bugs or problems when playing this game, please let us know by sending us an email. We will try to resolve it as soon as possible!

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