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Sea Octopus Away

Sea Octopus Away

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Welcome to the fascinating underwater world with all the wonderful creatures, stones, and of course the beautiful blue water. In this free underwater game, you are a lonely Octopus which is running away from a dangerous hole. There are so many obstacles, lasers, stones, sharp rocks and some other mysterious objects on your way and you have to move through all of them, as far as you can.

This endless jump and move game comes with a clean and neat design and the gameplay is as easy as tapping on the screen to move the cute Octopus to the right and left and pushing him up. The character cannot fight the gravity and you need to keep it steady and push it to the top by tapping the right side and left side of the screen repeatedly with different pace to move right and left respectively.

So, to pass through the objects and obstacles, you need to tap the screen to move the octopus to the desired direction without hitting the stones, rock, or laser tags. Note that, the objects appear on the screen randomly and you have to be completely focused on the gameplay to manage to get away from the danger. Sometimes you have to jump and move fast, and sometimes you need to be patient and wait for the right moment to move forward.

So, download this underwater game for free and find out how far you can go. You can always challenge yourself and beat your own high score. Don’t forget to collect as many gems as you can and spend them to unlock new characters. The characters may come with some super powers and even an extra shield.

Wonderful Graphics with Surrounding Sound Effects
Aside from the design of the cute octopus (and other characters), the underwater world has been designed perfectly and the realistic environment along with the cool and surrounding sound effects make you feel like being really trapped in the sea.

Sea Octopus Away Main Features at a Glance:
β€’ Clean and neat design with fresh user-interface
β€’ Easy to learn gameplay, yet hard to master and addictive
β€’ Wonderful graphics with realistic underwater environment
β€’ Surrounding sound effects
β€’ Endless jump and move adventure
β€’ Challenge yourself and beat your own high score
β€’ Collect gems to unlock new characters
β€’ Fun for all ages
β€’ Free

So, if you like the underwater games and looking for and endless jump and move game to spend some hours without noticing the time, then you’ve come to the right place. The easy to learn gameplay makes you get used to how to control the octopus after a few tries, and after that you just need to concentrated and try to move away as far as you can while collecting as many gems as possible. The cute octopus cannot fight the gravity and you need to keep it steady and push it to the top by tapping the right side and left side of the screen repeatedly with different pace.

Note that, you only have one life and the game ends as soon as you hit a sharp rock, a stone, a laser or any other obstacles.
Download Sea Octopus Away for free and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.

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